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Office Panic

Post by dm.dean » Wed Oct 25, 2017 11:54 am

Office PANIC

This allows the Base/Office to quickly send a PANIC to all of the vehicles on duty at the same time and to the Office Managers mobile

The message reads as follows:
OFFICE PANIC - There is An Emergency at OFFICE STAFF, May Need Assistance

This function works without any alteration of the Management Settings unless you want a mobile number to also receive the panic message

To send the Panic to all of the on duty PDA's and the Office Managers phone press


all logged on PDA's get a warning message as does the Owner's or Manager's mobile if you selected one during tthe initial setup

To select a Mobile Phone Number to receive the PANIC please enter the mobile number into the Management Settings as follows:
So you need to get to the 'SETTINGS' section of the management panel and then to 'GENERAL SETTINGS'
Within the general settings panel you with see 'OFFICE PANIC SMS NUMBER' so please enter an 11 digit mobile number and then close the box

After either a logout or an end of day the new settings for the mobile number will become active and when Ctl+Alt+P is selected a message is sent

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