Freephone Number or a LOW FLOOR/WHEELCHAIR option

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Freephone Number or a LOW FLOOR/WHEELCHAIR option

Post by dm.dean » Wed Oct 25, 2017 12:01 pm

Creating a Freephone Number or a LOW FLOOR/WHEELCHAIR option

This scenario is used when your taking bookings from an address that is used by many different customers one after another.
This function takes a frequently used telephone number and displays the collection point in the pick up address without retrieving the previous booking details
Normally when a telephone number is used to book a Taxi, if then, shortly afterwards the same number is used again to call for a Taxi Easybook will display
the previous booking believing the customer is calling with a query on their collection

If this number was lets say from a social club, a sports venue or Asda then many customer would use the same number to request a Taxi so if you mark this
telephone number as a FREEPHONE it stops retrieving the previous booking and displays the pickup address and shows FREEPHONE as the incoming telephone number

To create a FREEPHONE number for a specific Address you need to get to the 'TELEPHONY' section of the management panel
Select TELEPHONY and TELEPHONE DATABASE and type into the PHONE NUMBER box the correct number used to book from the address and select FIND
The panel will now display the address that is associated with the number and the display is as follows

LAST USED - its last used date
USAGE- the number of times it has been used
ADDRESS - you may find for instance a customer has also used this number to book a taxi from elsewhere but the usage will determine the correct address associated with the number

Highlight the chosen address with one left mouse click and it will turn blue
click EDIT then SPECIALS and select the FREEPHONE radio key (a radio key is a dot to select an option) then select SAVE
close the Telephone Database box at the red X and the grey panel
Alpha takes these changes straight away but all other machines need to logout and back in to accept the changes

Additional Information

When you select SPECIALS it opens a SPECIAL OPTIONS panel as follows

FREEPHONE - MULTI (there may be two separate entrances to the collection address hence MULTI)

Other Functions

These options allow to assign any telephone number a SPECIAL OPTION for instance the customer may always need a vehicle with a LOW FLOOR access so if this is selected it will
always select a LOW FLOOR vehicle without the telephonist having to ask or select it manually.

Additional info from Z Carz
After reading about how to use the FREEPHONE option, I can find many numbers to use this on, even though they are not FREEPHONE.
Examples, as already stated, ASDA, and all other landlines from supermarkets plus hospital and doctors landlines.
There is no point showing a name associated with the number if it is a public telephone.

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