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Newer Maps

Post by dm.dean » Wed Oct 25, 2017 12:02 pm

Newer Maps

Easybook uses Ordinance Survey maps and they are download live to Easybook so if you type a postcode that is in an area
that you have never used before Easybook locates that MAP TILE and downloads it to your booking terminal and stores it for future use.

There are newer maps available and these are called OPEN STREET MAPS which are downloaded live to Easybook.
These maps display more detail and still retain the Alt plus PAGE UP or PAGE DOWN and ALT LEFT, RIGHT, UP, and DOWN ARROW to navigate.

The OPEN STREET MAPS are accessed individually on any machine as follows: -

Place your mouse on the small map displayed when logged into Easybook
Using the right mouse button hold that button down for 5 seconds till a MAP OPTIONS panel appears
The MAP OPTIONS first line reads Show Grid Lines but we need to select Open Street Map with a left mouse click and this will display 2
options either OS Mapping (Ordinance Survey mapping) or Open Street Map
Select Open Street Map and then place your mouse pointer onto the map and using the right mouse button hold that button down for 5 seconds
till the MAP OPTIONS panel disappears then left click your mouse into the PICK UP line on Easybook and that is it DONE

The new OPEN STREET MAP tiles will start downloading each time you enter an address and each tile will be saved for future use
The maps have more detail yet when you log in the map zoom can be too far out for some staff so to rectify their zoom select
Alt plus PAGE DOWN twice to zoom in to the OS Map level that they are familiar with.

To change and go back to Ordinance Survey maps repeat the above process and select OS Mapping rather than Open Street Map

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