BAN a driver from a customers TELEPHONE number

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BAN a driver from a customers TELEPHONE number

Post by dm.dean » Wed Oct 25, 2017 12:14 pm

Ban a driver(s) from picking up from a Specific customer by using the customer's TELEPHONE number

Customers can take a dislike to certain drivers and also Drivers don't want to pick up certain customers
You can easily BARR a driver and or drivers from being offered a pick up based on the phone number used to book the journey
This feature is better than a barr at an address especially as mobile phones are used more frequently

So to create a driver(S) BARR for a specific telephone number you need to get to the 'ADDRESS DATABASE' section of the management panel

Click on Address Database and a drop down menu will appears as follows:

Area Editor
Allowance Times
Edit Pull Zones
Area Order
Area Names
Barred/Special list

To restrict a driver from collecting from a particular telephone we need to enter the details in to the Barred/Specials list and you are presented with a screen as follows:

New Barred
Restrict Car
Restrict Driver
Auto Tag
Operator Note
Auto Comment

Select Restrict Driver with your left mouse click and enter the full telephone phone number into the Address or Phone number Box
Enter the Reason why they are barred, here I normally write the reason as FRICTION
The Note section is for yourself and is not displayed during an Easybook booking
In the Restricted Drivers box enter the Driver Number number and select save

You will see a list appear in the Barred/Special list
The settings will be applied after the next end of day or a sequence of Alpha log out and back in followed by each booking machine.

To Barr more than one driver enter the driver numbers as follows but without any spaces for example 7,2,15,23
Use a comma after each Driver number and make sure you do it without using any spaces.

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