Booking TAGS for Vehicles and Drivers

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Booking TAGS for Vehicles and Drivers

Post by dm.dean » Thu Oct 26, 2017 1:43 pm

Booking TAGS for Vehicles and Drivers

This facility enables specific (attributes) TAG to be assigned to either a Vehicle or Driver so a particular booking with a TAG is given to the correct Vehicle
For example the customer may ask for a Lady Driver or they may need to transport an Electric Wheelchair or a Pet and not every Vehicle or Driver maybe suitable
Each TAG is assigned its own unique letter and is selected at the time of booking by selecting a letter that is displayed in the F10 Specific Car panel

So to create a new 'TAG' you need to get to the 'MISC' section of the Management Panel

You are presented with a screen as follows:

Tag Editor
PDA Installer
PDA REgistrations
Task Manager
Longrun Options
Remote Bookings
Web Accounts
Multi Company
Marshall Setup
Loyalty Cards

Select TAG editor with a left click of your mouse and it will have an option to Add New so select this and at the top you will see a clear white box for you
to type your 'TAG' into, for instance you might write: PET and to the right you will see a box called a Short Key and you would type 'P' into this box
If you have MULTI DRIVER setup select DRIVER OPTION and Save
NOTE: You can select a CAR or DRIVER or JOINT Option before saving the TAGS
Close the box down by clicking the left mouse on the X and it will ask to save these Tags so select YES

Now that we have set up a Pet tag we need to tell Easybook which drivers that you are allowing to transport PETS and its done by selcting Cars/Drivers then DRIVERS
Double left click on a Driver who is happy to collect a PET and you will now see the TAG word PET with a tick box to its right on the drivers details panel
Tick the box and select Save. This driver after an Alpha logout and exit will be allowed bookings marked with a Pet Tag
To select a TAG on a booking select f10 which is called Specific Car and in this panel it lists your TAGS with the unique letter that is assigned
Press the letter and it highlights the TAG select with the colour GREEN
End the booking and it creates a REQUESTS in yellow marked with the TAG description

Note: If you try to manually offer a TAG booking to a vehicle that does not have a relevant TAG it displays a warning NOT SUITABLE

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