Specific Manual dispatch to or from an Unique Address

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Specific Manual dispatch to or from an Unique Address

Post by dm.dean » Thu Oct 26, 2017 1:45 pm

You may have a collection address that cannot be dispatched using Auto Dispatch

It maybe a pick up from a Prison and that vehicle/driver allocation needs a consideration beyond the attributes/Tags that you currently use to dispatch on Auto consequently you are able to automatically have that address select Manual dispatch itself.

To set this feature please navigate to your Map Editor and note the current version needs to be V3.7 build 102 or later.

Lets first choose a business address within Find Existing and select Edit. You should clearly see the button Advanced and once selected a new panel appears where you can select by a tick either or both Manual Dispatch PICK ups or Drop offs.

You are now able to select an Auto Low Floor collection and use the Auto Tag feature that links to your own TAG settings i.e. Female Driver or whichever you have created.

This latest version of Map Edit is downloaded with Easybook Version 3.8 Build 1537.

You maybe unaware that you are also able to have the Map Edit password protected and this is achieved by navigating to your Management Panel and under Settings select General. At the left side of this panel you will clearly see Map Editor Password and this box will be blank if no password has been entered. If you require a password please just write that password in the box without a space at the end.

A final note here is that Map Edit requires you to select Update as this triggers all booking machines at Log On to down load/update the new amended or added addresses. If you choose to use the Auto Low Floor or Auto Tag feature like all other Easybook changes it does require an alpha logout and in as usual.

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