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Driver FAQ On Bidding

Post by dm.dean » Tue Oct 24, 2017 5:23 pm

Why did Driver A see the a job to bid on before Driver B

All job and car updates go out from the computer at the same time, but they all have to find there way across the internet and though the phone network to arrive on your PDA. This causes the updates to arrive at slightly different times, occasionally this can even be a couple seconds. This is a fact of life when using mobile data and is the same for everyone, everywhere.

But this doesn't matter... Why?

When a job appears on your PDA for bidding, pressing the button the fastest does not mean you will get the job! This method was called 'fastest finger' and is a very old method and hasn't been a function of Easybook for a long time.

Easybook uses a bidding window system, which works like this. The first car to bid on the job will start a timer which holds the job whilst all the other cars can put there bid in. This time can be setup to a minimum of 12 seconds, I normally recommend 25 seconds (the longer the better). After this time the window is closed then job will then be sent out to the relevant car, either the nearest or longest waiting depending on your settings. The system will even check that if cars are approximately the same distance away from the job, It will make sure the car who's been waiting longer for work gets the job. To make sure things are fair.

An example reported this morning from a company with a 25 second bid window.
Car A got to see a job to bid on 10 seconds before Car B. Even if they pressed bid within a second, This means Car B still has 15 seconds to have a look at the job and decide if they want the job then press the bid button.Any delays like these are random so if Car B had a 5 seconds delay today, next time it will probably be Car A. To be clear when it comes to bidding it does not make any difference as long as the bids are made within the bidding window.

I bid on a job and didn't get it, why not?
The truthful answer is because there was a better car for the job, the auto dispatch routine has all of the information about where all the cars are and how long they have been clear and all the information on the jobs. It follows a set of precise rules, which is why it will always be correct. There's no favoritism, the computer sees you as just a number therefore will not favor one car over another. The same rules apply to you as to all drivers.

I was the closest car, why did i not get the job?
The Answer is you wasn't, otherwise you would of got the job. The vast majority of checks on bid solutions are for this reason and are always correct, Using GPS and basic maths its simple to check how far each car is from a job. Remember the computer knows exactly where everyone is! no matter how good your sixth sense is you dont!
Note that all calculations are done as the crow fly's, not drive distance, but this fine for bidding. (again its the same rule for all)
Also note that when cars are approximately the same distance (banding factor), it will take into account how long the car has been waiting, this makes the system far fairer.
As a rough rule if you can see the other driver, it will give the job to the car who's been waiting for a job the longest.

Everything is logged and solutions recorded but it is time consuming for an operator to try and explain why the computer made that choice. So if you really wish to query a bid solution, make a note of the exact time and check at an time convenient to the office.

Remember the system has been designed to work for you, to ensure the work is given out as quickly and fairly as possible.

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