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System Back Up & Archive

Post by dm.dean » Tue Oct 24, 2017 5:27 pm

Backup Interval
This is how often beta backs up the tables from alpha (you see the box pop up)
So if your alpha machine explodes, this is the point it will be restored to, so at the default of 20mins.
you might lose 20 mins work if the alpha totally fails.

Backup Archive
The causes the backup to also back up the archive, this will slow down the archiving so its not recommended.

Archive Size (days)
This is how many days the standard archive will keep jobs for (i.e. F11) the default is 8 Days

Archive Time (mins) New
This how long the jobs will stay on the completed/cancelled list. before moving to the archive. default 30 mins.

Full Archive Functions New
This allows Easybook to perform archiving functions, it will back up all job to its own archive on the alpha machine.
note:this can be used along side the archiving performed by management. (this should be enabled if not using accounts)

No Accounts New
this will disable the export to the accounts software, this prevents table size growing if nobody is importing data
If your not using the accounts software, select this and the full archive function.

Archive Cars On Log Off New
This allows all jobs to be avalible to the accounts software for import, as soon as the car logs off (doesn't have to wait for the archive time). this should only be used if you require drivers sheets as soon as the log off.

Save Accounts To CSV New
This option saves a copy of all account jobs to a CSV file located in "C:\Easybook\Accounts" on alpha.
This file can be opened in Excel or imported into other packages.
note:This can also be run along side the existing accounts software and will not effect it.

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