Loyalty Card setup

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Loyalty Card setup

Post by dm.dean » Wed Oct 25, 2017 11:44 am

How to setup and process Loyalty cards
This is perfect if you are using the PDA's RED Fare Calculator (Meter)

At the booking screen press Ctrl & f11 together as this brings up the management screen and will ask for the management password
You will be presented with a grey screen with 7 heading titles as follows:

Address Database
  • Cars/Drivers
  • Users
  • Telephony
  • Messaging
  • IVR
  • Misc
Click on Misc and a drop down menu will appears as follows:
  • Licence
  • Reports
  • Tag Editor
  • and finally at the bottom
  • Loyalty Cards
Select Loyalty Cards with a left click of the mouse and then select the button


For this test change the digit number to 4 and press


then left click with your mouse into the following boxes and enter their details
  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address
and finally in the box that says None either select a Fixed Discount or a Percent Discount
and enter that value i.e. £2.00 and select save

You have now setup a Loyalty Card and the customer can use the pin number.

When booking a pick up to activate a Loyalty card press F9 twice and enter the loyalty Card number
This information will be sent to the PDA as a comment which is also marked on the Job and if
you use the tariff fare calculator on the PDA (RED meter) it applies the discount here as well.

(Pressing F9 takes you to the accounts yet a double F9 press takes you to Loyalty Cards. You can then toggle F9 between the two)

If your just using the PDA meter it displays the fare price and applies the discount.

You can limit the number of times the PIN NUMBER can be used and you could apply a once only 100% discount if you set its use to one as this can be useful If you had upset a customer and wanted to provide a free taxi so they could regain confidence using your service again and at no cost to themselves.

It will also acknowledge how many journeys are left on that PIN if you have placed a usage restriction.

If you wish to allow your drivers to use a LOYALTY CARD with a customer that has not notified you at the time of a booking then you need to activate it on the Drivers PDA and it can then be entered live in the vehicle
  • Ctrl F11
  • Settings
  • PDA Settings
  • ENABLE LOYALTY CARDS - and tick the box then save

As always an Alpha Log Out and exit and log back in
The PDA will need to Log Off and exit and Log back on for the settings to appear in his PDA options

When the vehicle operator receives his job and the customer inform him/her they have a Loyalty card he can enter the number by
  • Options
  • Loyalty card
It will tell him if the number has been accepted and it then applies the discount on his RED fare calculator with the percentage discount
If the Loyalty card has expired its total usage it informs the Driver (when setting up a Loyalty card you can restrict the number of time it is used)

This also works on Street Work pick ups too and you will notice each time a Loyalty card is used it warns the Alpha operator in the pink bar
just below the jobs list

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Re: Loyalty Card setup

Post by a2bderek » Sat Mar 24, 2018 12:56 am

Can you apply loyalty card discounts to "fixed price jobs" / Zone to Zone ?

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