Peppered Booking

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Peppered Booking

Post by dm.dean » Thu Oct 26, 2017 1:42 pm

Peppered Booking

Your taking a booking for a customer who wants it tomorrow at 8.30am, the next day at 8.50am and also on Friday at 9.15am; They may also want it on their account
and you my also have to write a comment to the driver to assist in the customers collection. This process takes time and it would be helpful if the collection details
did not have to be repeatedly typed for each booking as its all the same except for the TIME and or DATE

We call this a 'PEPPERED BOOKING' and its action is created by selecting Alt and END rather than the normal END

So take the initial booking and rather than select END use Alt End together, the initial booking is created and Easybook displays the CALENDER for the next booking
Continue with this second booking and if there is another select Alt End together and it completes the second booking and offers the third displaying the CALENDER
When finishing the final Date/Time booking just select END in your normal way.

You can of course when all of your outgoing bookings are booked select Ctrl END on the final outgoing booking rather than Alt END and then create PEPPERED BOOKING(S)
for their returns but pay careful consideration to the return dates

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